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We’re motivated by your stories. Stories of great hurt, deep confusion, and unanswered questions. Like us, you’ve been run over by the bus of the evangelical church – and it’s turned your world upside down. We’re here to reclaim a loving evangelical tradition that informs a better way forward.

Faith Isn’t Easy.
Hurt Makes it Harder.

We are committed to building a caring community that emulates the ways of Jesus by reclaiming the evangelical tradition and embracing values that build a better way forward.

JESUS-CENTERED: We seek to embody the message of Christ, and reflect His heart of love, empathy and justice for all.

INCLUSIVE + DIVERSE: We are a community that invites a wide variety of people and perspectives to journey with us.

RESPECTFUL: We prioritize holding space for those marginalized and disenfranchised by the American Evangelical Church.

ACCOUNTABLE: We advocate for a restored church that recognizes the imago dei in others, and does not dehumanize anyone in their journey.

CURIOUS: We approach people and perspectives with a willingness to listen to understand while remaining comfortable with an undetermined outcome.