Vision Statement Unpacked

We are centered on Jesus, Driven by our stories and committed to pushing the Church forward together.

Centered on Jesus – 

The New Evangelicals are committed to following the way of Jesus. The Christian tradition is complex, nuanced and colorful.

As New Evangelicals, we seek to explore the vast tradition we are a part of.  This includes understanding the American Evangelical tradition we inherited and exploring the Christian tradition outside of the comfort of our own room.

We take the words of Jesus seriously and believe that we demonstrate our love for God by loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Driven by our stories – 

Stories are the engine of life.  Our stories motivate us to help bring heaven to earth by revealing the imprint of God on humanity.

We are not here to fix people but instead to listen and join each other in our healing journeys. We do this by highlighting stories from our community and by creating spaces where our stories can be shared with one another.


Committed to pushing the Church forward together – 

The American Evangelical Church (AEC) is in crisis. Gripped by nationalistic tendencies, we seek to reform and call the AEC to come back to the mission of Christ to be part of the restorative work of the Kingdom here and now.

Like generations of Christians before us, we seek new ways to express the Church in our cultural moment in an effort to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.


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