The New Evangelicals are supported by a team of dedicated staff, board members and volunteers who are passionate about advocating for systemic change. We’re definitely not perfect, but we hold each other accountable to create a bigger, wider and more inclusive space than ever imagined. Come sit at the table of Christ with us. You are welcome here.

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The New Evangelicals is a growing organization supported by a generous community. Our content, eduction and interactions are all free, thanks to a dedicated group of passionate, engaged group of change-makers. Let’s get to know each other!


Tim Whitaker

Tim Whitaker

Creator + Facilitator

Growing up, Tim always felt at home in evangelical spaces – until years later, when his studying and questions caused him to no longer be welcomed at in his church community. Brokenhearted, but undeterred, Tim continued to pursue a deeper understanding of faith, history, theology and the evangelical church. The more he uncovers, the more he realizes the importance of advocating for the marginalized in the church, exploring the full depth and breadth of Christian faith traditions, and holding toxic churches and leaders accountable.

Board of Directors

Erin Radomsky spent the first fifteen years of her career in HR and Finance in evangelical non-profits. She then made the jump to the tech sector and is enjoying not having to navigate workplace “evangelical nonsense” every day. In early 2021, Erin responded to an Instagram story Tim posted about wanting to quit his day job with “I know how to do this, talk to me”. Many emails and Zoom meetings later, she joined the board as founding Treasurer. Erin lives in Orlando, Florida, and divides her attention between her cat (a favorite guest speaker on TNE calls, Opal), friends, and renovating her small urban farm.

Rachael Schaefer

Rachael Schaefer works in healthcare and found The New Evangelicals during the 2020 election cycle. She is an avid podcast listener and is always looking for a good podcast recommendation or discussion. She appreciates that her Christian up-bringing allows her to resonate with some hilarious memes, however, Rachael believes we have a lot of work and learning to do in order to not repeat the past mistakes of the church.

Her favorite part of The New Evangelicals is the book club. Even though the discussion topics can be heavy, the people at book club make the future seem bright.

Hope Decker

Hope Decker is a librarian, rural community researcher, and facilitator. She is always learning and brings her whole self to her professional and personal pursuits. She is committed to seeing people and their communities flourish. Hope loves journeying with those who seek authentic discovery and dismantling harm. In addition to being on the board, she also coordinates the zoom groups for the New Evangelicals.

Hope is mother of three adult children, partner to Andrew, and church volunteer. She also enjoys being in the woods, a vigorous uphill hike, trying new plant-based recipes, writing poetry, and spending time with the people she loves.

Malynda Hale is an award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Actress and Activist based in Los Angeles. She is the host of the #WeNeedToTalk Podcast and owner of JMV Entertainment. Malynda uses her voice through her music and social media presence as an educating activist to effect change within social justice, mental health, female empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, veganism, the Black Lives Matter movement, Antisemitism and Progressive Christianity.

Malynda has partnered with many organizations such as ACE For Change, Vocal Media, American Federation for Suicide Prevention and Yahoo to spread messaging on voting rights, climate change and world hunger. She has also been a featured commentator on CNN, ABC News Live & Good Morning America and a featured writer for Blavity and The Female Lead. She is a former worship leader, and is extremely passionate about work that is centered around loving others.


Noah Althoff
Podcast Producer

Simon Nixon
Facebook Community Admin

Nicole Sudduth

Adele Mulford
Creative + Brand Director

Riley Martinez

Dan Catchpole


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